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Seahawks have most WR heavy roster in the NFL

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When the Seattle Seahawks were awarded wide receiver Josh Gordon off waivers, it came as quite a surprise, as it meant that more than two dozen other teams had passed on putting in a claim on him. However much of a surprise such a development was for observers, it led directly to the Seahawks, one of the most run heavy teams in the NFL, having more wide receivers on the 53 many roster than any other club.

Specifically, with the addition of Gordon, the Hawks now have as many wide receivers on the roster as they do offensive linemen.

So, for at least the time being, the Seahawks have the fourth most rushing attempts of all NFL teams, while carrying more wide receivers on the roster than any other club.

In any case, this is very likely to be a temporary situation, as Seattle may need to free up a couple of roster spots in the coming days. Specifically, Ed Dickson (injured reserve) and Phil Haynes (physically unable to perform list), could move to the 53 in the coming weeks, which would put the team in a position to need to create space, potentially as soon as Saturday afternoon.

Obviously, with more wideouts on the roster than any other team across the league, it would seem logical to create a space by waiving one of the bottom of the roster wide receivers. That said, Pete Carroll and John Schneider aren’t known for following the herd, and a surprise move to create space at another position group obviously isn’t out of the question.