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Seaside Bonus: Taking Questions About the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

This is a free episode of Seaside Reactions available to anyone who wants to preview what the show is like. Seaside Reactions comes out EVERY WEEK after the Seahawks game with bonus episodes when the time calls for it, questions from you, and new segments coming up in the near future where you’ll have even more opportunities to interact with the pod. And it is available for only $2 per month — less than .50 cents per episode!

It’s time for the promised BONUS BYE WEEK Reaction on the Seaside and this time I’m taking questions from YOU on Seaside Joe and Twitter about the Seattle Seahawks and whatever else. I talk at length about a potential Jadeveon Clowney contract in 2020 and why the Seahawks should probably avoid it, the reason that Russell Wilson has managed to stay game healthy for all these years and why I worry for Lamar Jackson, the way that Seattle may plan to utilize both Ed Dickson and Jacob Hollister moving forward, which coaches could be fired and which of those situations are a fit for Brian Schottenheimer as well as who could replace him if he does leave the Seahawks, Ugo Amadi’s presence on the defense, and much more. I also give out Thank Yous and Compliments to all my fantastic Patreon supporters and break down why Training Day was an early peak for director Antoine Fuqua.


But seriously, THANK YOU