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Seahawks FanPulse: Confidence remains high, but let’s talk Thanksgiving food instead!

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thanksgiving week, and the Seattle Seahawks are sitting pretty at 9-2, with eyes on the NFC West title and a first-round bye. Confidence was 83% entering last week’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, and after a very ugly but successful road trip to Philly, that number has risen slightly to 86%.

This is the highest that confidence polling has been since Week 3, when Seattle was 2-0 and confidence was at 89%. We rank fifth among all SB Nation NFL sites in confidence in our team.

Coming in at 9th are the Minnesota Vikings, who are at 73% after an 8-3 start to the season.

Now let’s do something more fun and talk about Thanksgiving food. Everyone was polled about which traditional Thanksgiving side dish you’d remove from the menu. Among NFL sites, it was a tie between green bean casserole and candied yams/sweet potato casserole. Some of you clicked on “mashed potatoes” and all I can say is I’m never eating at your house even if you invited me.

Now what happens when we expand it to the whole of SB Nation? Green bean casserole is evidently what most of you despise.

Oh yeah, getting back to football, the obvious answer for which Thanksgiving Day game is most exciting is the one most of you chose. I’d like a word with those picking Bears at Lions, even before it was revealed Detroit would be starting some guy named David Blough at quarterback.

...Seriously, though. Which of you monsters said mashed potatoes?

Don’t forget that you can signup to be a FanPulse voter! Get involved in the votes! This was an idea that started right here at Field Gulls with Kenneth Arthur, so be a part of the action!