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Seahawks to wear “Action Green” again for Vikings game

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You “Action Green” freaks supporters can get hyped up again, because the Seattle Seahawks are going green again for Monday Night Football... sort of!

We’ve seen the Seahawks sport the full “Action Green” uniforms in primetime games dating back to 2016, but against the Minnesota Vikings it’ll be the green jersey/blue pants combo that hasn’t been seen in ten years.

(That’s the Fremont Troll in that video, by the way. I used to live in Seattle and somehow this slipped my mind until someone told me on Twitter)

It’s like an Action Green compromise. You won’t get the full highlighter experience, but you get some of it. And the Seahawks’ Action Green history has been hard to argue against, as they’re 4-0 when that uniform is whipped out, including last year’s win over the Vikings on MNF.

As for the last time we saw the green/blue Seahawks uni combo... that didn’t go too well. I’m not going to show you (again) the “lime green” monstrosity the Jim Mora team trotted out in the Seahawks’ 25-19 home loss to the Chicago Bears in 2009.

Seattle has never lost a December primetime game under Russell Wilson, by the way. Just something to keep in mind!