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Earl Thomas helps the Ravens beats the Patriots, calls Lamar Jackson the MVP

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Earl Thomas still loves playing against the Patriots.

Thomas had a huge role in taking down the hitherto unbeaten New England Patriots, finishing with three tackles, two passes defensed, one QB hit and an interception. Earl’s Baltimore Ravens are now 6-2 and in a strong position in the AFC. It was one of Thomas’ best games of the year, and coach John Harbaugh gave Earl the game ball Sunday night.

Seahawks past and present have held a bitter distaste for the Patriots - even before the pass that never should have been thrown.

It was ET III who knocked out Rob Gronkowski with one of the most vicious and disproportional-looking hits of his career against New England in 2016. Here’s another look at the boom Thomas put on Gronk.

In addition to the stats he registered, Thomas almost had a sack on a Tom Brady, receiving a potentially unintentional high five from Brady after the play.

Thomas also saved a touchdown in the second quarter on 3rd and goal from the four yard line. He fools Brady into thinking he’s going to follow the receiver through the middle before getting an incredible break towards the tight end and stopping the play.

But the play of the game was undeniably the 51 yards in the air that Brady threw directly to Earl Thomas. It was Brady’s longest completion of the night by 20 yards, and was nowhere near a New England receiver.

Anyone notice that Earl now runs with the ball held out basically the same way that Lamar Jackson does? It’s absurd that these two Ravens are running around with the football three feet off their body, and somehow Chris Carson is the one with five fumbles.

But in all seriousness, most of us still love watching Thomas play, and man is he still fast for a 30 year old. After a rough start to the season he’s playing quite well.

Earl Thomas ended the evening by telling everyone he believes Lamar Jackson is the MVP of the league.

It starts with Lamar and the offense and the running game. Us on defense, we just try to give the ball back to them and create more stops and let the MVP do his thing. I’m right with the crowd. I mean that. This man is the MVP.

Earl was a little quieter here against Seattle, recording again five tackles, but featured less prominently in the game otherwise. His Ravens look like they’re legit though, and it’s far more likely than not that he’ll be playing in yet another postseason this winter, this time for Baltimore.