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Enemy Reaction 2019: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Part 2)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Thanks to the action-packed nature of the Seattle Seahawks’ 40-34 overtime classic over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Enemy Reaction has to be split into two parts. This is something I rarely do, but the scoreline was 40-34, so I think trying to jam everything into one post is impractical.

Enemy Reaction 2019: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Part 1)

When we last left our heroes, the scoreline was tied 24-24 at the end of the 3rd quarter. That’s when things got really wild, really frustrating, but Tampa Bay game thread comments are courtesy of Bucs Nation.

Chris Carson fumbles, Buccaneers recover (24-24)

Jameis Winston fumbles it right back, Rasheem Green scoops but can’t quite score (24-24)

DK Metcalf for the go-ahead touchdown! (34-27 SEA)

Buccaneers tie the game on Dare Ogunbuwale touchdown (34-34)

Jason Myers blows it, we go to overtime (34-34)

DK Metcalf makes phenomenal back-shoulder catch (34-34)

Jacob Hollister wins it!!!!! (40-34 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Praise for Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett (Cory Kinnan, The Pewter Plank)

While Wilson is playing the best football of his career and is undoubtedly the leading candidate for the MVP award through the first nine weeks of the season, Lockett is also on pace for his best season yet. Through nine games, Lockett has tallied 767 yards and six touchdowns on 59 catches from Wilson; he already has more catches than he had a year ago, and is well on his way to double-digit touchdowns and 1,000 yards receiving for the first time in his career.

Just like Scooby and the gang, the small but mighty duo of Lockett and Wilson continuously foil the master plans of their opponents on a week-to-week basis. While the villains in Scooby Doo never learned to take the young gang in the Mystery Machine seriously, the undersized tandem of Wilson and Lockett have the full attention of the entire league.

This week the Buccaneers became the latest episode of a crumbling master plan at the hands of Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett. So close to an upset, Arians and the pewter and red could not manage a way to keep contain on this dynamic duo as they led the Seahawks to another solved crime, er, victory.

Post-Game: Young defense gets shredded again (Scott Reynolds, Pewter Report)

The evaluation of Tampa Bay’s young secondary boils down to one of two things. Either the Bucs just don’t have enough playmakers on defense and drafted the wrong guys, especially in the secondary, or the young defenders just haven’t had enough time to develop into playmakers yet.

Bucs Super Bowl cornerbacks Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly struggled mightily as rookies and second-year players. It wasn’t until three years into Barber’s NFL career that he emerged as a Pro Bowl-caliber playmaker, and it wasn’t until five years into Kelly’s career that he led the NFC in interceptions, helping the Bucs get to and win the Super Bowl.

It’s too early to tell if players like Dean, Davis, Murphy-Bunting, Edwards and Whitehead have Pro Bowl potential, but they certainly haven’t showed it yet as the Bucs have now gone three straight games without an interception. One thing is for certain, until these players gain more experience and create more plays the yardage and touchdowns allowed will continue – and the losses will also pile up.

Post-Game Video: At least they were competitive? (MrBucsNation)

Enemy Preaction: San Francisco 49ers

Now we’ve reached the gauntlet. The undefeated San Francisco 49ers twice, the 6-3 Minnesota Vikings, the 5-3 Carolina Panthers, the 5-4 Philadelphia Eagles, the 5-3 Los Angeles Rams, you know it’s a tough sked when the 3-5-1 Arizona Cardinals are the “easy” opponent. As much as the Seahawks have been scraping by a lot of bad teams this year, we have seen them time and time again get at least one regular season win against a legitimate Super Bowl contender... perhaps we get that first one on Monday night.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!