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Goofballs: Talking to a Bengals fan about having to be a Bengals fan

New York Giants v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

And so the Ryan Finley era in Cincinnati begins.

But long before that era began, the era of Ben Wietmarschen started in the mid-80s in Ohio. Ben is an improviser on the UCB Harold team JETSET and a Bengals fan who not-so-fondly remembers watching their Super Bowl loss to the 49ers many years ago as a 5-year-old in his basement. We talk about the 30 or so years since as it relates to being a Bengals fan (and if that was more suffering than being a fan of the Seattle teams) plus a whole lot more.

Including what animals we would like to morph into and run onto the field as, Cincinnati chili, best and worst experiences getting food at a sporting event, the teams in the AFC and NFC that have the best shot at getting to the Super Bowl besides the Patriots and 49ers, make our Week 10 picks, talk fantasy and a whole lot more!

Goofballs is a weekly podcast where comedians talk about the NFL. We are available here or on iTunes under “Goofballs: A football podcast” and same on Stitcher.

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