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Gary Jennings didn’t make it through waivers

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

On Tuesday the Seattle Seahawks made the long-awaited move of waiving 2019 fourth round draft pick Gary Jennings in order to make room on the roster for 2019 fourth round draft pick Phil Haynes. Haynes had been on the physically unable to perform list since the start of training camp, though he had been practicing with the team for the last few weeks. Thus, with the deadline to move him to the 53 man roster having arrived, the team made the decision to keep Haynes and waive Jennings.

Jennings, in spite of having a long relationship with quarterback Russell Wilson, was buried on the depth chart and had yet to be active for a single game in 2019. Thus, the addition of Josh Gordon via waiver claim from the New England Patriots late last week meant that Jennings would be even less likely to see the field. Thus, as Week 10 of the season approaches, the Seahawks waived Jennings, likely with the hope of returning him to the practice squad if he cleared waivers. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, that didn’t happen and Jennings now finds himself employed by a new team.

And here’s the official waiver award announcement from the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins, riding a one game win streak that has them at 1-7 did not have the top waiver claim, but they were close enough to the top that that is where Jennings will now be playing. Thus, Jennings now takes the remaining three and a half seasons of his rookie contract to South Beach, where he will be catching passes from Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick for the remainder of the season.

In an interesting side note, while the Dolphins have already had their 2019 bye, the Seahawks have not yet had their bye week. Thus, if he remains on the Dolphins 53 man roster for the remainder of the season, he will have practiced for 17 straight weeks without a bye.

Best of luck to Jennings with the Dolphins, a situation where he seems far more likely to see significant playing time than had he stayed in Seattle. As for Jennings, he seemed to hint Tuesday that he knew what was coming, and didn’t seem to be too upset with it.