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In recent seasons, the Seahawks have been anything but dominant in December

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks established themselves early in Russell Wilson’s career as a team that plays its best football in December. That’s not held up in recent seasons, and it’s a nasty little secret that should be addressed.

Sunday’s woeful 28-12 loss to the Los Angeles Rams knocked the Seahawks out of the NFC West lead and they have virtually no room for error now if they want to get a first-round bye. It’s one of the biggest margins of defeat in the Russell Wilson era, and three of them have occurred in the month where the Seahawks were once at their strongest.

From 2012-2015, they were 15-3 in December and had an astonishing point differential of +326 (outscoring opponents 520-194). Second in points scored and first in points allowed by a margin of 130! Their three losses were by a combined 15 points, all against their NFC West rivals. They were at their weakest in September-October, going a combined 18-12 during that four-year span.

December dominance!

Month Seahawks Win Percentage (2012-2015) Point Differential Turnover Margin
Month Seahawks Win Percentage (2012-2015) Point Differential Turnover Margin
September 0.643 104 8
October 0.563 30 0
November 0.8 149 19
December 0.833 326 20

Those were the days.

From 2016 to present day (and adding the January 1st, 2017 win over the 49ers), they’re a much more modest 10-7, with a PD of +44. Not bad, but ultimately a steep dropoff from the glory years.

What December dominance?

Month Seahawks Win Percentage (2016-2019) Point Differential Turnover Margin
Month Seahawks Win Percentage (2016-2019) Point Differential Turnover Margin
September 0.571 22 3
October 0.767 95 21
November 0.667 36 3
December 0.588 44 8

Even if the Seahawks win out, their 2016-2019 December record will still be worse than their October and November marks.

The numbers should give you a very obvious conclusion that we’ve long known: “Seattle isn’t as good as it used to be!”

Well since going by months can be a bit arbitrary given the game distribution is uneven, so if we divide the 16-game regular season into quarters, let’s focus on Games 13-16.

Seahawks’ record in Games 13-16 from 2012-2015: 13-3, +292 point differential

Seahawks’ record in Games 13-16 from 2016-Present: 6-7, -37 point differential

And to hammer home the point, the Seahawks’ DVOA has dipped in the second-half in each of the previous three seasons.

You can pinpoint injuries to Legion of Boom as the culprits for 2016-2017, but I’m pretty sure the offense has had a “helping hand” in losing 42-7 and 38-10 and even winning a game in which they had more penalty yards than offensive yards.

The Seahawks have not been finishing seasons strongly for quite some time. In order to win the NFC West, they’ll have to reach into the depths of yesteryear and run the damn table. The schedule lines up favorably against Carolina and Arizona, although this year’s team has not earned the right to be trusted to easily dispatch the league’s worst squads.

(Stats compiled via Pro-Football-Reference)