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Carolina Panthers sacrificed run defense to rush the quarterback

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers went into their bye week at 4-2 after Kyle Allen helped to lead the team on a four-game winning streak. Coming out of the bye, the Panthers have now lost six of seven games and fired their long-time coach Ron Rivera. Brian Beversluis, of Cat Scratch Reader and the Keep Sounding Podcast, joins the Field Gulls Podcast to talk about how it was time for the Panthers to move on particularly with the philosophy of the new owner, David Tepper.

In the offseason, the team got smaller on the defensive line and that has come as a benefit in terms of rushing the quarterback, however it has reduced the Panthers to one of the worst defenses against the run this season. Brian says that mistakes from the quarterback and the inability to stop the run are a couple of the reasons that allowed a team like Washington to get back into the game.

The talk about Cam Newton not returning was at its peak when Allen was having success, but with the owner supporting the former MVP to return to health, it sounds like Newton’s job is safe moving forward. With Christian McCaffrey and other young players on offense along with some aging stars on defense, Brian says the Panthers could bounce back when Newton returns to the lineup.

Carolina closes out the season against three teams that are going to be motivated to finish strong, starting with the Seattle Seahawks. Will that be enough to help motivate a team at 5-8 to battle down the stretch and have some success to point to and build from going into the 2020 season?

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