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Seaside Joe fan question of the day: Are you worried about the Cardinals?

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NFL: SEP 29 Seahawks at Cardinals Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In Week 14 of the 2012 season, when they were coming off a pivotal win over the Bears on the road, the Seahawks returned to Seattle and beat the Cardinals 58-0. It set off a roll unlike they’d ever rolled before.

In the six years since, it seems Arizona has been out for revenge — and getting it.

The Cardinals have beaten the Seahawks in four of their last six trips to Seattle and the point differential in those games is 0. They beat the Seahawks at home at the tail end of the 2013, 2016, and 2017 seasons. They also beat them in mid-November of 2015, another time that they were just about to start rolling.

But no matter how much Seattle starts looking like a super bowling ball, the Cards are ready to send them back to the gutter.

As it is, the Seahawks are 11-3 and two wins to close out the year gives them really good odds of the number one seed. At the very least, a first round bye. And here comes Arizona, at 4-9-1, ready to send them into a K-hole. (Kyler, Kliff, Keim, Karry Fitzgerald.) I know that I’m worried. I’m assuming that you’re worried. Some of you. So I sent the question out to the readers of Seaside Joe, my daily Seahawks newsletter. (Sign up here!)

“How worried are you about the Cardinals?”

These were their responses:

”I climb a wall of worry every game because “on any given Sunday”… But, we should win this one and give younger players more experience as we will need the for the 49ers and beyond”

”Hawks should win the game. Hopefully the defense should be back to normal”

”Yes! I hate to admit I’m worried, but there it is. We should have held them to way fewer points earlier this season...and we were healthy then. The Cardinals will be playing for their jobs on Sunday. Here’s hoping and trying to stay positive.”


”Don’t worry we got this after all that BS lol we gonna win big!”

”The only way the Seahawks will hang is if the offense just starts rolling and keeps the team in the game despite our subpar defense. And as a side-note, I believe we can play decent defense from time to time, but not with all the mounting injuries and a defensive coordinator I’d wished we’d moved on from last offseason. Count me among the grinchy Seahawk fans that see a lump of coal in our near future.”

”Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think the Rams game was their hiccup down the stretch. The Hawks can never make things easy (they are REALLY good at that), but I personally think they win out and take the #1 seed.”

”I had that worry about the Rams game. I just feel that they always have the wood over us somehow. Proved to be right. In saying that, I don’t have that feeling about the Cards. Even with injuries and player inconsistencies, I believe we’re coming good at the right end of the season. We’ve yet to hit our straps, but I feel it’s coming.”

”I’m always nervous about Arizona at home. Never worried about Arizona in Arizona. Strange.”

”Yes, I worry about Ariz, and thank Yahweh we beat Bruce Arians’ Bucs!”

”Welp....I have no confidence against the team we have lost the most to at home. That being said, I do trust in Russ. If he has a good day, we will too.”

”I always appreciated your view points, but I ONLY worry about the Cardinals because of injuries. If the Seahawks were at or near full strength I might not even bother to watch the game. Such is not the case however.”

”Yes, I’m feeling worried! I’d feel better if we were playing them in Arizona. They seem to be able to own us at Century Link Field! Fingers (and toes) crossed!”

”I’m confident we’ll get the win. After last weeks win, even with all the injuries and illnesses, this team will be energized after having clinched a playoff spot.”

”Within the division, I’m always nervous. I think our front 7 will matter more against Murray than the loss of Diggs will be. That said, I hope Diggs is ready for SF. Somehow, we need to squeak by with a 1st round bye irrespective of seed to be as healthy as possible for the stretch. NO doesn’t scare me in NO as much as going to GB in January.”

”I am worried. This could be a trap game. I could see us outplaying them but letting them stick around and losing like the 9ers did with the falcons.”

”More Clark! Update on the good boy??”

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot to finish this piece by saying that Clark is my dog, a 4-year-old terrier rescue I adopted last month. Pictures coming.