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FanPulse: Seahawks fans pumped up after unexpected vaulting up to NFC’s #1 seed

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s FanPulse is out and unsurprisingly, Seattle Seahawks fans are pretty damn happy after beating the Carolina Panthers. Confidence has climbed back up to 80%, which is 5th highest among all SB Nation NFL sites.

Last week, the blowout loss to the Los Angeles Rams plunged us down to 58%, presumably because the performance was bad and it cost Seattle first-place in the NFC West. We were in the middle of the pack and deeply upset. The whole scenery has changed thanks to not just the Seahawks’ win, but the San Francisco 49ers’ shocking home loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which currently has the Seahawks again atop the NFC West but this time as the #1 seed. We can only imagine how high confidence will look if the Seahawks actually bother to blow a team out (preferably the 49ers).

As for this week’s opponent, the Arizona Cardinals beat down the Cleveland Browns 38-24 to end their rough home schedule on a high note. Two weeks ago they were at a dismal 17% confidence, but after playing the Pittsburgh Steelers close and actually beating the Browns, they’re way up to 65%.

Lastly, the national question of the week concerns whether or not division winners should automatically get home playoff games even if they have an inferior record to the wild card team. Rather surprisingly, the majority actually voted “yes” and division winners should get rewarded with a home playoff game.

I don’t want to alarm anyone but there’s a non-zero chance that the Seahawks could start and end the 2010s being on both sides of the “mediocre division winner hosts 10+ win wild card team” coin. Perhaps your opinion may be swayed by the fact that Beastquake happened under these circumstances, and why the hell would you want to take that away?

If you want your opinion to be heard on FanPulse, you can sign up to be a voter right here.