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Seaside Reactions: The RB tandem that Pete Carroll dreamed of finally comes together

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Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Seahawks beat the Vikings 37-30 on Monday Night to move into first place in the NFC West and second overall in the conference. That’s really good news! And so I sat down as I do every week and recorded my reaction to the game.

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This week I talk about:

  • All the good things that continued being good: Winning on Monday, primetime, at home, in December, with Russell Wilson
  • The 2 RB crew that Pete Carroll dreamed of by drafting Rashaad Penny
  • Russell Wilson getting it done in spite of his receivers sometimes
  • The NFC standings and playoff picture ahead
  • And finally, an impassioned plea to stop talking nonsense about Carroll and the job he’s doing


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