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Opponents handing Seahawks a type of loss they’re unfamiliar with

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Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

It was not that long ago that the Seattle Seahawks were the owners of a ridiculous, multi-season streak of not losing by ten or more points and were competitive in every game they played. That streak has long since ended, and on Sunday the 2019 version of the Seahawks continued working on another streak they have been building this season.

Specifically, here are the last three losses for the Hawks this season:

Yes, that’s three consecutive losses by double digits for Seattle, a feat that would have seemed unfathomable not all that long ago. In addition, while the loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 3 saw a final score of 33-27, regulation expired with the Hawks down 12 and the six point margin of defeat came only thanks to a touchdown on an untimed play as a result of a New Orleans penalty.

To get right down to it, these aren’t your older brother’s Seahawks.

This is a Seattle team that is talented and has the ability to compete, in large part thanks to having one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history under center, but much of the rest of the roster is bare compared to the glory years. With Russell Wilson in command of the offense, it’s a team that can compete with any opponent on any Sunday. However, due to those limitations elsewhere on the roster, Wilson’s got to be perfect, or close to perfect, for the team to win.

On Sunday against the Cardinals, Wilson wasn’t perfect, and the rest of the roster wasn’t there to pick up the slack.