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FanPulse, Week 17: Seahawks fans hit confidence low entering NFC West title game

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NFL: NOV 24 Seahawks at Eagles

The final regular season FanPulse survey is out, and uh... well it’s bad for the Seattle Seahawks.

Despite an 11-4 record that truly puts to the test Bill Parcells’ “you are what your record says you are” line, two lopsided losses in three weeks and several devastating injuries have got Seahawks fans feeling glum.

We have hit a true low point in the season, with fan confidence dropping from 80% all the way down to 28%. To put that in perspective, the Seahawks are the only playoff team sitting below 30%, with the Houston Texans not faring much better at 34%. I guess they really don’t like Bill O’Brien or the fact that their point differential is +14 at 10-5.

It would’ve been interesting to see the voting results had Marshawn Lynch not signed after polling had closed. While I suspect it wouldn’t have been that much higher, it certainly wouldn’t have been at 28%. There’s no fancy graphic this week so that’s all the breakdown you get, and frankly I’m not sure you want more.

Perhaps all will be forgiven if the win the NFC West title against the San Francisco 49ers, and potentially get a first-round bye if results break their way.

As for this week’s national questions, which teams from each conference do you most want to see in the Super Bowl? If we go strictly by the poll winners, then the majority of FanPulse respondents want the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints, which would be no doubt an awesome matchup on paper.

Where do the Seahawks fall among NFC choices? A distant fourth.



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