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Malik Turner out with a concussion; John Ursua expected to play in Week 17

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NFL: Preseason-Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports

For all those who’ve been waiting since early August, patience regarding John Ursua may be about to pay off.

Pete Carroll admitted that Malik Turner was concussed during the Week 16 matchup whatever you want to call that against the Arizona Cardinals. Bob Condotta is subsequently reporting that Turner’s absence will mean an appearance for this year’s preseason superstar.

This now means the Seattle Seahawks have lost receivers Josh Gordon and Malik Turner a couple of weeks apart, in addition to the tight end and running back departures in an absolute obliteration of the skill positions on the roster.

But Bob, don’t mess with our emotions like that. John Ursua, the NFL’s version of this guy - playing in an actual football game?

It probably means he something like topping out at 10-15 special team snaps, but if ever a team needed a guy who averages 25 yards per catch to come out arm-in-arm with Marshawn Lynch and save the season, it’s now.

Go flyin Hawaiian, go.