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Seahawks will play either Vikings, Eagles in wild card round

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Scoreboard watching for the Seattle Seahawks did not yield favorable results.

Needing a loss from the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints to have a shot at a first-round bye, the Saints blew the doors of the Carolina Panthers, which meant settling for the #2 seed. The Packers were 17-3 down to the Detroit Lions and 20-13 entering the 4th quarter, giving us all reason to dream.

In case you haven’t heard, the Lions are the Lions and they don’t provide their own fans nice things, let alone us. Aaron Rodgers threw a tying touchdown to Allen Lazard on 3rd and 10, and after throwing an interception on one-game winning drive, David Blough rapidly went three-and-out to give Rodgers one last shot at victory in regulation time. Predictably, a massive screen pass to Aaron Jones put the Pack in field goal range, and Mason Crosby won it at the buzzer.

So Seattle, kinda deservedly so, won’t get a first-round bye this year. Depending on their result later tonight against the San Francisco 49ers, they’ll either be hosting the #6 seeded Minnesota Vikings or traveling as the #5 seed to the #4 seeded NFC East champions. As of this writing, it’ll be the Philadelphia Eagles. Update: It’ll definitely be the Eagles.

Also of note is that should the Seahawks win the NFC West and get the #3 seed, they would play the #2 seeded New Orleans Saints in the divisional round if they were to beat Minnesota.