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Tied for the best record in the NFL, Seahawks continue historic run of close games

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Alistair Corp joins the Field Gulls podcast to talk about the latest win over the Vikings.

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The Minnesota Vikings lose on the road to the Seattle Seahawks Photo by Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via Getty Images

With the 37-30 win over the Minnesota Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks continued their Monday Night Football dominance throughout their franchise history and are now 26-10. More importantly, the Seahawks are 10-2 and have moved into first place in the NFC West. Alistair Corp of Field Gulls joins the show to talk about the pair of Seahawks running backs who helped lead Seattle to victory.

Chris Carson carried 23 times and had one catch for a total of 109 yards and a touchdown, while Rashaad Penny combined for 15 carries and four catches for 107 yards and two scores. Penny’s second touchdown of the night, a pass from Russell Wilson for the score, helped put Seattle up 34-17 in the fourth quarter.

But, like most Seahawks games this season, it was close in the end. After coming back from a three-score deficit against the Broncos, Kirk Cousins nearly did it again with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. According to ESPN Stats & Info, Seattle’s run of close games has been historic.

Looking ahead to next weekend’s matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers means that Seattle could get help in one of two ways. A Saints win could help Seattle in securing an NFC West title or a win by the 49ers could help either team toward earning the top seed in the NFC. If both teams keep winning, that could lead to a Week 17 game that could mean the difference between home field advantage throughout the playoffs vs a fifth seed and starting the playoffs on the road.

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