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After moving into first place, ESPN drops Seahawks in their Power Rankings

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hey ESPN! Um....what?

After hosting the only game of the day, presumably with actual writers and journalists watching, ESPN just dropped the Seattle Seahawks from fourth to fifth in their Week 14 Power Rankings. After beating the playoff-caliber Minnesota Vikings. After rising to first in the NFC West. After claiming a tie for the best record in the NFL. But here we are on Tuesday morning, as literally every sane watcher of football has the Baltimore Ravens as #1, and the Seahawks as #2.

Except ESPN. It’s here if you want to read the befuddling lack of explanation, or anything resembling football analysis for that matter.

The rest of the country appears to have watched the last three weeks of NFL, however. The New England Patriots are falling, the San Francisco 49ers are still strong, and the Ravens sit atop nearly every other Power Rankings. has Ravens / Seahawks at one and two.

Touchdown Wire has the same top two slots.

CBS sports followed suit with Ravens and Seahawks.

Bleacher Report has Ravens - Niners - Seahawks as top three in the league.

NBC sports is one of the lone exceptions, putting the Seahawks at fourth on their list. But even they had the sense to not rank a team worse after beating an 8-3 opponent in primetime.

Anyway, with four games left, Pete Carroll has a better chance of getting struck by lightning three times than Seattle does of missing the playoffs, so who cares? Hawks are in first, the defense works, the running game works, and a drunk dinosaur could run ESPN’s power rankings better. Go Hawks.