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Seahawks can clinch playoff berth in Week 14

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

On Monday Night Football the Seattle Seahawks dealt the Minnesota Vikings’ playoff hopes a minor blow, as they defeated the visitors in purple 37-30 in order to put a two game gap between the teams in any potential Wild Card race down the stretch. The Seahawks, of course, hope to not be in position to be fighting for a Wild Card spot, as they are now in first place in NFC West and have their eyes on bigger and better things, like a first round bye and potentially home field advantage through the playoffs now realistically in reach.

However, before heading down the paths of what it will take for the team to reach those higher goals, it is simplest to first focus on making the playoffs, and for the Seahawks in Week 14, it’s very simple.

A win over the Los Angeles Rams puts Seattle into the playoffs.

Putting talk about the division title the Hawks are going to win on hold for the moment, the team currently enjoys a three game lead over the Rams, the closest competitor in any potential Wild Card race. Thus, with four games to go in the season and the Seahawks set to travel to Los Angeles this weekend, a win translates into a lead of at least four games over the best a seventh place seed can be positioned following Week 14. And, a four game lead with just three games left in the season is a lead that is, in technical terms, insurmountable.

So, when the Hawks and Rams face off on Sunday Night Football in just five days, there are only two questions that need to be answered:

  1. Will the Rams score more than three points? and
  2. Will the Seahawks win and secure no worse than a Wild Card spot in the playoffs?