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Seahawks 2020 opponents finalized

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Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

With the 2019 regular season in the books, each of the 32 teams now know their opponents for the 2020 season. While 14 of 16 games are known in advance, the remaining two are set by standings. The Seahawks, second in the NFC West in 2019, now have their 2020 foes set.

Here’s the list of teams Seattle will play in the 2020 regular season:


Arizona Cardinals

L.A. Rams

San Francisco 49ers

Dallas Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

New York Giants

New York Jets


Arizona Cardinals

L.A. Rams

San Francisco 49ers

Atlanta Falcons*

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Philadelphia Eagles


*The Falcons are set to give up a home game in 2020 to participate in the NFL International Series, which will be against a non-divisional opponent, likely in London, so it’s possible Seattle will play overseas for the second time in three years. (Why Atlanta is giving up a home game after opening up a $1.6 billion stadium in 2017 is anyone’s best guess.)

In addition to the NFC West, the Seahawks will take on the NFC East, the second place teams from the NFC North (Vikings) and NFC South (Falcons), and the AFC East. For many years, it began to seem as though the Carolina Panthers were a pseudo divisional opponent but now, it’s the Vikings, who Seattle will play for the seventh time in nine years (including playoffs).

After defeating the Bengals in Week 1 of 2019, Russell Wilson has defeated 30 of the NFL’s 32 teams, but without the Chargers on the schedule (and barring a trade from the Seahawks), that number will remain unchanged through to 2021.

The full 2020 schedule is generally released in April, and we can expect full details in terms of dates and kickoff times then.