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Looking back and grading the entire 2018 Seahawks draft class as a group

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Over the course of a week and a half we have gone through each of the players the Seattle Seahawks selected in the 2018 NFL Draft individually and graded each pick with the the benefit of a season worth of production. Obviously, voting is still open for all of the picks, so things could change, but as of the time of writing, these are the grades as voted on by Field Gulls readers for each of the individual selections the team made in the 2018 draft.

So that brings us to the question of how we should grade the draft class as a whole. Does the fact that the class is graded half A’s and half as C’s simply mean the draft class is a B? Or should we simply tabulate all of the votes for the different players and assign the grade based on the overall percentages of things?

And this is where things become less structured and less defined, and it’s up to each of you to decide individually because there is no one right way. As frustrating as that may sound, the simple fact is there are few absolutes. Coming to a final conclusion is not an absolute, as the conclusion from one perspective is most certainly going to be different than the perspective of others.

In any case, here’s the table for the cumulative grading up to this point.

Seahawks 2018 NFL Draft class grading table of votes

Pick A B C D F Total Votes
Pick A B C D F Total Votes
Rashaad Penny 119 889 1,144 395 89 2,636
Rasheem Green 160 863 1,032 212 24 2,291
Will Dissly 663 553 83 8 5 1,312
Shaquem Griffin 122 569 821 252 68 1,832
Tre Flowers 1,102 350 25 5 0 1,482
Michael Dickson 1,414 0 0 0 0 1,414
Jamarco Jones 102 301 531 128 170 1,232
Jacob Martin 1,192 976 102 8 10 2,288
Alex McGough 76 153 517 483 488 1,717
Totals 4,950 4,654 4,255 1,491 854 16,204
Total % 30.55% 28.72% 26.26% 9.20% 5.27% 100.00%

So, with all of that in mind, what kind of grade do you give the Seahawks 2018 draft class with a year of hindsight?


What grade do you give the 2018 Seahawks draft class with the benefit of a full year of hindsight?

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