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Video: Russell Wilson stars in Super Bowl ads for Uber

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t playing in the Super Bowl this year, but you will be seeing Russell Wilson on gameday!

Not only is Russ going to be joined by Denver Broncos star Von Miller as part of CBS’ pre-game show, but Wilson is starring in a couple of commercials for Uber, who are offering up free rides for Uber Rewards members in the losing city for up to an hour after the game is wrapped up. New England isn’t an actual city, so I assume this boils down to Boston and Los Angeles.

In one ad, Wilson’s driver asks, “Are you Russell?” and is one yard away from Wilson, to which Wilson replies, “Really? Another one yard short joke? No, not happening.”

Well as an occasional Uber rider myself, I know what it’s like for the app’s pickup spot be nowhere near what I actually pinned, but usually they aren’t trolling me with Super Bowl XLIX jokes. Hardy har har.

The other one features another XLIX reference, but has a different theme.

“On one hand, I know what it’s like to be a champ,” Wilson said while showing off his Super Bowl ring. “And on the other... well you know. But for the city that doesn’t get that ring, Uber Rewards members get free rides for 60 minutes right after the game.”

And then the punchline...

“Free rides? Where was this four years ago?”

Yes, today (February 1st) is the four-year anniversary of that game. But as Wilson himself points out, he knows what it’s like to be a champion, because February 2nd will make five years since the Seahawks won the damn Super Bowl.

And for something humorous, I stumbled upon this tweet from a Packers fan and couldn’t stop laughing at the saltiness.