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Video: Chris Carson’s flip, Bobby Wagner’s pick-six among NFL’s top Seahawks plays of 2018

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks certainly produced their fair share of awesome plays, and frankly it’s hard to boil any list of top Seahawks plays down to just ten. of course got to ranking them anyway, so let’s count them down!

10.) Rashaad Penny’s Tecmo Bowl-style run against the Green Bay Packers. Penny rushed for 30 yards officially, but he might as well have run 300 yards to do so. It was undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments from the rookie running back’s largely quiet season.

9.) Chris Carson fights his way to the end zone on 4th and goal against the 49ers. Having been denied on 2nd and 3rd and goal at the 1, the Seahawks gave the ball to Chris Carson for a third consecutive time. It looked as if he would not get the game-tying touchdown, until he channeled his inner Beast Mode and fought his way to the goal-line, with help from Duane Brown.

8.) Chris Carson flips and just about sticks the landing against the Carolina Panthers. I repeat, Chris Carson flipped high in the air off a hurdle attempt! Initially it looked like he landed on his feet and could’ve kept running, but replays showed his knee was down, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Or maybe it did and that’s why it’s #8.

7.) Russell Wilson escapes and scrambles for 40 yards against the Minnesota Vikings. With the score 6-0 Seattle over Minnesota, the Seahawks offense had done very little to put the Vikings away. Wilson escaped two Vikings pass rushers to get to the sidelines, then outran Linval Joseph to break free for 40 yards, before smartly sliding down in front of Harrison Smith. The Seahawks clinched victory a couple of plays later on a Carson TD run.

6.) Doug Baldwin’s one-handed catch against the Kansas City Chiefs. More often than not, when the Seahawks face 2nd and 19 you’re expecting the drive to be over. On a night when they a win would give them a playoff berth, we saw a different offense. Russ lofted one up high to Doug Baldwin, who gently caressed the ball and secured the catch just short of the end-zone. For all intents and purposes, that sealed the win, as it’s not like that Chiefs defense was ever going to be equipped to stop a Chris Carson goal line run.

5.) Bobby Wagner’s leaping field goal block against the Minnesota Vikings. Should it have counted? Maybe not. Does anyone here give a damn? Thought so. Besides, even if Wagner was penalized, Minnesota would’ve found some other way not to score on that drive.

4.) Russell Wilson’s deep ball to Tyler Lockett in the 4th quarter against the Kansas City Chiefs. Before the Baldwin catch was the incredibly accurate bomb from Russ to Lockett, who made a great snag despite rare good defense by a Chiefs cornerback. This was a “get out of your seat and yell real loud!” moment.

3.) Justin Coleman’s fumble return touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings offense was smothered by the Seahawks defense all game long, and the icing on the cake was rookie Jacob Martin’s strip-sack of $84 million man Kirk Cousins, followed by Justin Coleman getting the fumble recovery and the runback for the TD to make it 21-0. The Seahawks better re-sign Justin Coleman!

2.) Bobby Wagner’s first career pick-six against the San Francisco 49ers. The game was pretty much in hand at 37-16, but we don’t get a Scorigami if not for Bobby Wagner’s 99-yard pick-six of Nick Mullens late in the final quarter. Wagner has had a couple of fumble return touchdowns but never an interception return for a score, so this was a personal achievement for #54.

1.) David Moore’s game-tying touchdown on 4th down against the Carolina Panthers. There’s no telling how the rest of the season would’ve gone for either the Seahawks or the Panthers if this game had gone Carolina’s way. You can’t just assume the Seahawks would’ve finished 9-7 anyway and still made the playoffs, or that Carolina would’ve been 8-8 and still out of postseason contention. On the road, season potentially on the line, Russell Wilson trusted David Moore on 4th down and went long. Moore beat Corn Elder for the touchdown to tie things at 27-27, and Seattle would obviously win it 30-27.

Enjoy all of these plays in the video below!