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Russell Wilson’s got really good stats

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Russell Wilson is the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and he’s got amazing stats. Like really good ones, I swear.

Wilson, Joe Flacco, and Peyton Manning are the only quarterbacks in history to start 112 games in their first seven seasons; 16-game season, starting every possible game. Wilson has a considerably better passer rating than Manning over those first seven seasons, but we can acknowledge they they played in much different eras. But Wilson and Flacco aren’t separated by that many years and they’re much, much different even though they both won Super Bowls.

Wilson’s passer rating is 100.3, the best in NFL history through a quarterbacks’ first seven seasons by eight total points. The fact that he’s that much better than second place and the field combined with him being one of only three quarterbacks to start all 112 games over seven years is double bananas. It’s bbaannaannaass. (Betch you thought I’d say bananas bananas.)

That’s not all.

Wilson’s 75 wins through seven seasons is three more than second-place Flacco.

His 8.19 Adjusted Y/A is almost a full yard better than second place. (Min. 3000 attempts)

His 7.86 Y/A is also first. His 196 touchdowns is third. His INT% is first, again by a good margin.

Wilson has hit virtually all significant check marks, and he has the ring, and he’s done it with an offensive line that is universally panned every year, and with only one consistently good receiver and none who are likely to be in the Hall of Fame. Which is notable considering that Manning started with Marvin Harrison, Kurt Warner with Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt, Matt Ryan had Roddy White and Julio Jones.

Personally I think nobody could ever really catch Dan Marino for best career start ever but it would seem asinine to keep Wilson outside of a top five. It’s been so good that Wilson has also kept pace with his veteran contemporaries since 2012.

Since entering the NFL, Wilson ranks second in Adjusted Y/A, third in passer rating, and first in Y/A. Of course, he also has the rushing component added to his resume, leading the Seahawks in rushing yards by a wide margin in 2017.

More and more it does seem like people are coming around on Wilson. Which they should be. Look at those stats!