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Survey says: Frank Clark will be franchise tagged

NFL: Preseason-Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Three weeks from Monday the legal tampering period for free agency begins, however, starting Tuesday NFL teams may franchise tag one of their pending free agents. The debate among fans of the Seattle Seahawks regarding the potential contract for Frank Clark has raged for since even before he became extension eligible following the Hawks loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17 of the 2017 season.

Now, after more than a year of speculation, Clark is just twenty three days away from potentially becoming a free agent. As noted on Friday, though, starting Tuesday the Seahawks have the opportunity to apply the franchise tag to him and all but ensure that he is on the roster for the 2019 season.

According to the current franchise tag projections calculated by, Clark would stand to make in the neighborhood of $18.653M for the 2019 season playing on the tag. Thus, the question becomes whether or not Clark is worth that amount and whether or not he is vital enough to the team to potentially warrant carrying a cap hit that large. In order to get an idea of whether or not observers around the league consider $18.653M to be worth it for the soon to be fifth year defensive end, here’s a survey of the opinions of some of those who cover the league.

And that’s a pretty solid rundown of multiple sources, with all of them expecting Clark to have the tag applied. Yes, it’s a tool that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have largely stayed away from since their arrival in Seattle, but a big piece of that has been the fact that the players they have wanted to extend have signed extensions well before they became free agents.

Thus, at this point it simply seems that the application of the tag may be more of a formality than anything else, and that’s quite alright with me.