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NFL Honors 2019: Seahawks win Celebration of the Year award

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, this isn’t an official AP award or anything major, but it’s a win for the Seattle Seahawks!

With the NFL having finally tightened its restrictions on celebrating touchdowns, the league has gone wild with well-planned celebrations, but the Seahawks were really good at it.

The award went to Seattle for this bit of choreography on Jaron Brown’s touchdown against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Now as much as I can get behind giving the Seahawks a Celebration of the Year award, I feel like this wasn’t their best work. For me, nothing can top Tyler Lockett and David Moore re-enacting the Allen Iverson crossover and subsequent stepping over of Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals. This is one of the most iconic moments of Iverson’s career, would’ve broken Twitter had it happened in this era, and Lockett and Moore aced their rendition of it.

And while this never was shown on the television broadcast, don’t discount the re-enactment of “The Tip.” Not only did they do it, they did it against the San Francisco 49ers, with Richard Sherman obviously playing for the other team now.

Anyway, congrats to the Seahawks on kicking ass at touchdown celebrations. Here’s to more creativity and more touchdowns in 2019!