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Colin Cowherd creates ridiculous rumor about Russell Wilson wanting out of Seattle

Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

There’s not been really any genuine speculation that the Seattle Seahawks would move on from Russell Wilson. He does have one year left on his contract, and presumably there will be talks of an extension throughout this offseason, but the assumption is that Wilson is a Seahawk in 2019, and most likely for years to come.

Enter Colin Cowherd.

The Fox Sports 1 talk show host and known feces-stirrer has decided to use his stirring stick to create something out of nothing. But it will generate clicks, and presumably hilarious comments to combat such nonsense.

Cowherd went full Bananarama on his listeners on Wednesday’s show, saying he “was told” from the “entertainment agent world” that Wilson wants out of Seattle, and that his wife Ciara “prefers to live in New York.” Combine those two things with the New York Giants’ need to eventually move to Eli Manning, and you have one spicy headline: Is Russell Wilson getting traded to the Giants?

Now I won’t embed the video here and I certainly won’t listen and transcribe five minutes of that garbage, but I will share this phenomenal list of reasons he outlined for why trading Russ to New York is a great idea.

So let’s see:

“Final year of his contract,” which means the Seahawks would need a new QB, likely through the draft, and it’s the type of move that could sink the franchise for years.

“Ciara prefers New York,” some rumor that Cowherd spit out, although it should be said that he, Wilson, and Ciara are all with the same talent agency, CAA. Maybe he knows something we don’t, or (more likely) he’s full of it. “Wilson wants out because Ciara wants to live in New York” seems like flimsy reasoning to me. Anyway, Wilson and Ciara were recently seen in the New York City borough of Portland, Oregon, as they’re part of an investment group looking to bring a Major League Baseball team there.

“Giants need star QB to replace Eli Manning.” Sure! Doesn’t mean that they’ll get Russell Wilson.

“Marketability being wasted in Seattle.” What the hell does this even mean? He’s one of the league’s most visible stars and is routinely among the NFL’s top jersey sellers, including the #1 spot in 2014.

“Giants have an offensive head coach.”

In short summary: Hahaha.

In longer summary: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Thanks to Colin for getting us an early start on wild speculation over whether or not Russell Wilson’s days as a Seahawk are over.