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Field Gulls Podcast: Russell Wilson is the latest offseason trade target

Plus, a look at Frank Clark’s franchise tag situation and free agent upgrades for the Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

For three consecutive seasons now, Seahawks fans have been bombarded with trade talks that didn’t happen. In 2017, it was Richard Sherman who the Seahawks were looking for multiple draft picks to move on from. Last year, it was a foregone conclusion that Earl Thomas would be on the Cowboys roster by the kickoff of the regular season. Brandan Schulze and Adam Emmert comment on the recent report by Colin Cowherd on this week’s episode of the Field Gulls Podcast and discuss the inclusion of Russell Wilson as the latest member of the team to be targeted by rumors in the national media.

In hindsight, considering the injuries to Sherman and Thomas, it may have been best for the Seahawks to take what they could get for their aging defensive stars. The latest rumor that Wilson may be destined for New York to take over for Eli Manning is at a completely different level.

Continuing the theme of terrible trade ideas, Reggie Wayne suggested on the NFL Network that trading Frank Clark for Antonio Brown would somehow make sense. A recent article on Field Gulls shows how Frank Clark’s value is a lot closer to the level of Khalil Mack. Not even close to the value the Steelers could expect to get for Brown at this point. With a franchise tag appearing likely, one question worth discussing is if Seahawks fans would be satisfied to get two first round picks if another team offers Clark a deal under a non-exclusive tag.

Free agency is on the horizon and the guys take a look at some players who could be possible upgrades and which Seahawks players are among the top 100 available free agents according to PFT. If K.J. Wright and Earl Thomas are on their way out in free agency, which players could they target to help fill their shoes in 2019. D.J. Fluker and J.R. Sweezy are set to hit free agency. Which one of those players gets paid more? Getting a new kicker may be one of the most important positions to fill, but Seattle hasn’t shown any willingness to spend big in free agency.

Closing the show, Adam talks about a recent move by the Broncos he disagrees with and Brandan compares Antonio Brown’s latest Instagram video to an iconic NFL moment from 2005. Top honors for this week’s show go to a Mars rover and an 18-year-old who made more money in one month than some of us do in an entire year.

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