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Seahawks Frank Clark delivers hard hitting correction on social media

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With just two weeks to go until free agency starts, it is likely just a matter of time before Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark has either had the franchise tag applied or is celebrating the signing of a massive contract. However, in the mean time he is busy making sure fans know what jersey number he wears for the Hawks, a lesson taught to some poor podcast out of Cleveland in a very public manner over the weekend.

The Everything is Earned podcast used social media to solicit input regarding which of two pending free agents the Cleveland Browns should pursue. This is a not uncommon activity, especially during one of the times when there is not traditionally a ton of football news, but with free agency right around the corner, it’s certainly a topic that interests fans. Unfortunately for the podcast, they managed to get one little detail incorrect.

So, while I could describe everything, this is one of those instances where a picture is worth a thousand words. Or perhaps I should say that a picture is worth a thousand laughs, as it’s one of those things that is best appreciated in person. Thus, without giving anything away, let’s simply start by taking a look at what the podcast tweeted.

Now, what is wrong with that Tweet jumps out to me, and likely to most Seahawks fans, right away. And it certainly didn’t pass Bobby Wagner’s Clark’s eyes without getting noticed. Thus, here’s how Clark responded, with the original tweet included in order to make sure you get the full effect of experiencing what he had to say.

Obviously, that is Ndamukong Suh on the right, but on the left that is not Clark wearing a number 54 jersey. What is great to see, however, as a Seahawks fan is the statement that, “Number 4, I’m a Seattle Seahawks.”

That could be a great sign for Hawks fans hoping that the teams and Clark reach a long term extension in the coming days, or it could simply be a product of the fact that the only NFL team for which Clark has ever played is the Seahawks. Regardless of whether Clark receives the franchise tag or signs a long term contract before free agency, it’s reassuring to see that he still considers himself a member of the team, which is not the case for every big name free agent across the NFL.