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Seaside Chats: Seahawks mailbag!

Kansas City Chiefs v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This week on Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur, it’s just me: Kenneth Arthur. Well, it’s me AND you as I take questions about the Seahawks on Twitter and answer them on the podcast. This is a free episode of the Patreon show with a giveaway for Patreon subscribers and brought to you by our sponsors at

If you’d like to support the podcast and help us improve and continue to bring in great guests and segments each week, you can get every episode and continue to do so each week at just $2/month. I’m also giving away a Footbottle to a Patreon supporter — just email me your top offseason priority to and I’ll pick a winner at random!

Topics this week include:

  • The Earl Thomas situation
  • Extending Bobby Wagner or Russell Wilson first?
  • Will the offense be better or worse next season?
  • Draft priorities
  • What edge players could be available?
  • Are there any trade commodities on the team currently?
  • What sort of animal could Duane Brown clingform to a lamppost?
  • And A Whole Lot More!

Listen to the episode for free right:


Thanks again to our sponsors at, if you need help with an accident, a slip and a fall, please consider reaching out to them and tell them that I sent you!

The Footbottle giveaway: This is an awesome item. It’s a bottle ... inside a football! That simple. That great. I think this idea is going to be trending everywhere soon.