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7-Round Mock Draft (The Start of Free Agency Edition)

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are in the middle of the non-tamper, it isn’t really happening, but it is, free agency period. It appears that the Seahawks are holding still and concentrating on just keeping their own guys, which I applaud. With that method we get more comp picks next year and I have more to play with.

Big board’s still vary dramatically between them compared to past years, but there is lots of talent throughout rounds 3-5. The trade today very realistic, so no concerns there.

These are not intended as a prediction of what will happen, they are merely a vehicle to look at different players that the front office may be looking at. With that, I will probably change who I draft just about every time, just to take a little bit closer look at more players at different levels of the draft at different positions. I will also trade out of the 1st every time I publish one of these. There are plenty of other places where you can learn about the first round and even the top of the second, here we want to look at all the other guys. In the end, we may find some draft “crushes” and know more names throughout the draft.


Big Board Order

I use different big board just about every time. None of them are perfect and I realize that none of them match. Some guys will go higher and some guys will go lower. The point is that we take a look at lots of guys, so don’t get too hung up on where someone is drafted.

Today’s was a CBS compilation board.


I use fanspeak to simulate the drafts. I paid for the premium edition, so it lets me do trades. I realize that many trades aren’t realistic, but based on my wish to look at more possible players, I don’t care either.


I am not a scout, nor do I pretend to be. I will give my thought process on drafting a guy, but will link and copy to other scouts and give you what they think of him, which is probably much higher quality than what you would get from me.

Here is my draft for today. I am super happy with it:


Seattle sends picks 1:21 to MIA for picks 2.16, 3.14, 4.14 and 5.13

That is 800 draft points to 729 draft points, so a very doable trade.









Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick 2.16 (from MIA) select: JUAN THORNHILL, S, VIRGINIA

Measurements: 6-0 205, 31 1/8” Arms, 8.75” Hands

Testing: 4.42 40, 21 bench, 44” vert, 141” broad

Explosive FS/CB who can play high safety or come up and play nickel CB.

Three-year starter who proved he could bring his instincts and ball skills with him from cornerback to safety in 2018. Thornhill’s size and cover talent should allow defensive coordinators the freedom to deploy him around the field in a variety of ways depending on the matchups and his running mate at safety. While he could garner consideration as a corner, safety gives him his best opportunity to become an early starter.

Seahawks pick at 3.14 (from MIA): JACE STERNBERGER, TE, TEXAS A&M

Measurements: 6-4 251, 32 1/8” arms, 9.75” hands

Testing: 4.75 40, 17 bench, 31.5” vert, 113” broad, 7.19 3-cone, 4.31 SS, 12.09 LS

A move TE who is a willing blocker, but a great big target.

Despite his experience in-line and willingness to block in Jimbo Fisher’s offense, he has neither the size nor strength to handle those duties as a pro. Sternberger is athletic with above-average ball skills, catch radius and route breaks that help him undercover on the second and third level. His paychecks will be tied to his pass-catching so he’ll need to play stronger through route contact and with better focus when contested. He has eventual starter potential as a move tight-end who can function as a big WR3/4 from the slot.

Seahawks select at 3.20: AUSTIN BRYANT, EDGE, CLEMSON

Measurements: 6-4 271, 34.5” arms, 9.5” hands

Testing: ?

This is a potential pick. The body and numbers say he should be a great DE.

Long-limbed base end with moldable potential as a rusher, but a lack of play strength and balance finds him on the ground way too often. Bryant offers potential as a rangy edge rusher with the length to separate and turn the corner, but he might not offer up enough rush talent to overcome his struggles in holding the point against the run. He has starter’s traits and backup talent, but he could end up as a future starter if he gets his strength right.

Seahawks select at 4.14 (from MIA): JUSTIN LAYNE, CB, MICHIGAN ST.

Measurements: 6-2 192, 33” arms, 9.25” hands

Testing: 4.5 40, 37.5” vert, 134” broad, 6.9 3-cone, 4.09 SS

The prototype Pete Carroll CB.

Ascending bump-and-run cornerback with rare size and length who leans on good movement skills to overcome his average long speed. Although he plays with good route recognition, he’ll allow some separation from breaks, but he’s quick to hug-up and close restrict the throwing window. He’s not a burner, but he uses his size ball skills to make plays on the football down the field. Layne’s traits could make him a fit in a variety of coverages, but he needs consistent toughness to help support against the run.

Seahawks select at 4.22: DRU SAMIA, G, OKLAHOMA

Measurements: 6-5 305, 33” arms, 10 1/8” hands

Testing: 5.29 40, 28 bench, 27.5” vert, 101” broad, 7.89 3-cone, 4.7 SS, TEF 2.74

A bully who can start day one at LG.

Vocal leader who has cut his teeth with an Oklahoma offensive line that has dripped with aggression and attitude during his four years as a starter. Samia is a loose-limbed, athletic guard whose foot quickness and second-level agility make him much more attractive as a move guard rather than a base-blocking option. His length and movement skills are a big plus, but issues with core strength and body control at the point of attack must be improved in order to survive against NFL power.

Seahawks select at 5.13 (from MIA): R5.13 CAMERON SMITH, LB, USC

Measurements: 6-2 238, 32 3/8” arms, 10 3/8” hands

Testing: 4.69 40, 15 bench, 39” vert, 123” broad, 4.23 SS

Undersized and speed, but super good instincts to play LB.

Inside linebacker whose four-year run can best be described as smart and steady. Smith is lacking the physical traits and athletic ability to excite general managers and his tape is hardly splashy. However, he has a keen sense of play development and uses smart angles and proper technique to do his job effectively. He could hear his name called in the middle rounds, but it won’t take long for a coaching staff to look beyond his limitations and see a future starter.

Seahawks select at 5.21: ALEX BARNES, RB, KANSAS ST

Measurements: 6-0, 226, 31” arms, 10” hands

Testing: 4.59 40, 34 bench, 38.5” vert, 126” broad, 6.95 3-cone, 4.1 SS

A big powerful back who can catch, pass block and lead block.

Barnes is a productive early-entrant with good play strength but average ability to elude and create. On tape, he appears to lack downhill burst and explosive speed to the corner and is more of a “get what’s blocked” back than a dynamic presence with the ball in his hands. His talent as a lead blocker and ability to handle third-down duties should add some value to his draft profile, but RB3 might be his ceiling.