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Top 5 hits: Earl Thomas videos on YouTube

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In honor of former Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas, I wanted to give him the “Top 5 search results” treatment. These are the top five most-viewed videos on YouTube when you search for “Earl Thomas.”

(Legal Note: The actual top videos on YouTube when you search for Earl Thomas are those of musician Earl Thomas Conley. The following five videos are me filtering through the music videos. You can no longer sue me for false advertising.)

Earl Thomas hit on Rob Gronkowski, 1.6 million views

Top 5 Dances, 1.1 million views


You can’t embed videos from NFL, so there you go with a link. And by the way, that video is not great, I’m glad it couldn’t embed. I mean, Earl Thomas dancing is fine, but I didn’t need to know that the NFL is now doing cheap reaction videos.

Earl Thomas destroys Percy Harvin, 743k views

This obviously scratches two itches for Seahawks fans.

Earl Thomas on the 2015 Top 100, 594k views

Seems kind of a random year to be the highest ranked in views. I know the Seahawks were coming off of back to back Super Bowls though.

Best of Sound FX - Earl Thomas, 533k

And finally, Earl Thomas Conley: