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Seaside Chats: Seahawks free agency, salary cap, and legal situations

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

This week on Seaside Chats, John Gilbert joins me to talk about all things related to the NFL salary cap and free agency as week one of the league year gets under way. We discuss Mychal Kendricks, KJ Wright, Jason Myers, Mike Iupati, comp picks, Frank Clark, Jarran Reed, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, free agents, expensive agents, and a whole lot more. Follow John at Twitter: @SeahawksMachine

Seaside Chats is a weekly Patreon podcast, but this episode is available for free. If you’d like to support the show and/or the daily newsletter, you can do so at and get every episode for just $2 per month. If not though, no harm and I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.


Shortly after we recorded the episode, the Seahawks signed D.J. Fluker to a two-year deal reportedly. So that was not updated in the show but you’ll see if the prediction lines up with what actually happened.