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The last of the deep completions from Russell Wilson in 2018

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday and Friday I took a peek at the pass completions for the Seattle Seahawks during the 2018 season that traveled at least 20 yards past the line of scrimmage in the air and resulted in gains of 29 or more yards. We have made our way through just under two thirds of these completions, and today we’ll finish it out by looking at the passes that traveled at least twenty yards past the line of scrimmage in the air and resulted in a gain of between 20 and 28 yards.

For those who missed the prior installments of this, the first part that looked at the gains of 43 yards or longer can be found here, and the second part that looked at gains of 29 to 42 yards may be read here.

3rd & 7, 6:09 in Q3; Seahawks down to the Denver Broncos 17-10. Russ slides out of the pocket to the right and finds Brandon Marshall on a scramble drill sliding behind the cornerback.

1st & 10, 0:39 of Q2; Seahawks up on the Oakland Raiders 14-0. Here Russell Wilson has already thrown the ball to David Moore, who is the receiver at the Oakland 46 yard line. The single safety is too close to the middle of the field to get over to help the cornerback with coverage.

3rd & 6, 2:12 in Q3, Seahawks obliterating the Raiders 20-0. Wilson is delivering a perfect ball to Doug Baldwin crossing the middle of the field just inside the Oakland 40 yard line with a safety in coverage.

2nd & 5, 14:23 of Q2; Seahawks down to the Detroit Lions 7-0. That’s Wilson rolling to his left and tossing the ball with the flick of his wrist and elbow to Tyler Lockett who has worked his way behind the cornerback inside the Lions 5 yard line.

3rd & 7, 8:23 of Q2; Seahawks leading the Lions 14-7. Wilson is standing at the 15 having just sent the ball on its way to David Moore, who is on the far side of the field just inside the 40 yard line.

2nd & 7, 4:27 of Q3; Seahawks down 20-14 to the Los Angeles Rams. Some poor Rams defensive back is trying to cover Tyler Lockett all alone with no safety help.

3rd & 7, 2:53 of Q3; Seahawks losing to the Green Bay Packers 21-17. That’s Russell Wilson standing just inside the end zone having just thrown the pass. That pass is on its way to David Moore, who is on an island with a single cornerback at the 17 yard line in this photo.

3rd & 4, 12:16 of Q1; Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers tied 0-0. That’s Russ inside a nice pocket just inside the Seattle 40 yard line having just thrown the ball to Lockett, who has - surprise, surprise - worked his way behind the defensive back just outside the San Francisco 40 yard line.

3rd & 7, 8:39 of Q4; Seahawks losing to the 49ers 23-20. That is Baldwin in the deep middle behind the linebackers and underneath the safety waiting for the ball to arrive.

2nd & 8, 0:51 of Q3; Seahawks tied 17-17 with the Kansas City Chiefs. That’s Wilson having just thrown the ball to Baldwin, who is just inside the 15, and will catch the ball in the corner of the end zone and come down just inside the pylon for the touchdown.

1st & 10, 10:24 of Q4; Seahawks up on the Chiefs 24-20. That’s Lockett at midfield on a deep crosser completely free and wide open.

That wraps up Wilson’s deep completions in 2018, so the next step will be to look at all of his deep incompletions, which we will get to on Monday.