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2019 Free Agency GM Armchair Challenge Update

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The frenzy of the 2019 NFL free agency period has largely come and gone, and as the calendar prepares to roll into April it presents an opportunity to provide an update on the standings for the Free Agency GM Armchair Challenge.

All eleven offensive players included in the challenge have signed contracts with new teams, and so it is possible to score the offensive side of the competition. Nine of the eleven defensive players have signed contracts, with defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Ziggy Ansah remaining unsigned. Thus, I’ll hold off on providing an update for the defensive side of the ball at the present moment.

In any case, here are the standings after computing the score for the offensive players. Of note, these scores are based solely on the submissions, and do not yet include excluded scores. As per the rules of the challenge, no points are available for guesses on submissions that came in after a player’s contract had been announced publicly, such as on Twitter. Thus, while around three percent of entrants correctly guessed the size and duration of the contract Nick Foles would land in free agency, almost twenty percent of entries submitted after details of Foles’ contract were publicly disclosed were correct.

As a reminder, the eleven players included in the challenge were:

  • Quarterback Nick Foles
  • Running back Le’Veon Bell
  • Tight end Jared Cook
  • Wide receiver Golden Tate
  • Wide receiver Tyrell Williams
  • Wide receiver Adam Humphries
  • Tackle Daryl Williams
  • Guard Rodger Saffold
  • Center Mitch Morse
  • Guard D.J. Fluker
  • Tackle Trent Brown

In any case, here are the scores for the offensive side of things.

2019 Free Agency GM Armchair Challenge Offensive Standings

Entrant Offense Total
Entrant Offense Total
sconway2244 140
seahutch79 138
srhawkfan12 137
king. 137
betaparticle 137
The Totem Pole Ponderer 136
Rmcmahon4212 136
10foldproperties 136
Csimo.1965 135
andrewdspark 134
tyler 134
PouxBear 134
Sideshow Bob 134
JefeHawk 133
Pro-zach 133
rollsuphill 133
joseon0ne 133
DarthCosmic 133
penguins4all 132
Largentium 132
Ciarannh 131
Tanner's McEnvoy 131
Michaeldamelio7 131
jonniebevan 130
elgordo43 130
rochawk 130
highfivechestbumphug 129
highfivechestbumphug 129
Brandan Schulze 129
Kingcrane206 129
ajlippke 129
lorenzo.bonfiglio96 128
premiersoccertraining 128
ratman44 128
AlVordie 128
NearlyFreaky 127
kylertripp34 127
rkymtnhawk 126
Benmartuzasgmfb 126
wrestle59chevy 126
wa.bubba 126
sarangshravan 126
Goldtankphillip904 126
Dudewithfang 126
mattaljohn 125
jdschmidt0112358 125
stufr 125
jamho3vision 125
swanson.david 125
Wilder. 125
demingas 124
toddfergie 124
kelphelper 124
greenscape 124
j.mullikin777 123
Mlininger 123
AlienBob 123
lucasvictorino32 123
Terwiligerpaige 123
mikekfberg 122
Starnold32 122
michalprosek21 122
Ripsonics 122
jakobosinski 122
homeygc 121
Jonathandlarson74 121
rocco_sorace 121
sp_da_man 121
Maury Povich 119
jhunsing 119
josiahshoemaker503 118
smoothtoaster 118
Hardballer37 117
TheDemolitionDan 117
Supergarcia 116
slarson 116
jonathan_w_anderson 115
useenoughdog 115
mnstrat 115
Euphorbia 115
ManOnTheHill 114
FY 114
jbabington13 112
Submakerman 112
cfntrain 111
T_Rey14 111
Snohomie2002 110
Darin.bratton 109
Wilsonrulez 108
beauwilladsen 107
aceboy74 106
mccolemanfly14 105
jakegrins 104
Josh.Smith 100
maxcalian 98
BillyBrauer 98
37jhayes 96
orolo 95
pkoro1 88
adrian.l.falcon 77
lynchedhawkstyle 71

The defensive side of things will be posted once the final two stragglers have a contract in place. That could be some time, as reports have indicated that Ansah will not sign a contract until April, once he has had his four month checkup following shoulder surgery in December. Thus, it could be some time before he finds a new team, and that means the 2019 Free Agency Armchair GM Challenge could wrap up about the same time as the 2019 NFL Draft Armchair GM Challenge.