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Where do the Seahawks start as Vegas opens 2019 win total betting?

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The offseason is in full swing, with the heavy rush of activity that comes with the opening of free agency having already passed, yet still weeks remaining before the arrival of the 2019 NFL draft. This represents one of the early, softer lulls in the NFL offseason, but that doesn’t keep Las Vegas from keeping things interesting.

With the majority of impact free agents having found a new home, and most draft picks not actually having a material impact on their team’s performance in the year they are drafted, rosters are reaching the point where much of 2019 may start to be mapped out. Thus, at least one Vegas sportsbook manager has started accepting bets on win totals for the 2019 regular season, and the over/under for wins by the Seattle Seahawks opened at 8.5.

Based on the over/under, CG Sportsbooks appears to have the Hawks in second place in the NFC West, behind the Los Angeles Rams, who opened at 10.5 wins. Just behind Seattle is the San Francisco 49ers at 8, with the lowly Arizona Cardinals all the way down at the bottom, in a tie with the Miami Dolphins at 5.

Obviously, this is not the exact win total that is anticipated, but is a function of both the performance the sportsbook expects during the upcoming season based on the currently available data and the amount of money that is likely to flow in on a bet at a specific level.

In any case, also opening at 8.5 wins are the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys, with a half dozen other teams above that total. Those half dozen teams include the New Orleans Saints (10.5), Los Angeles Rams (10.5) Chicago Bears (9.5), Philadelphia Eagles (9.5), Green Bay Packers (9) and the Minnesota Vikings (9).

Obviously, that’s three teams from the NFC North that are ahead of the Seahawks, which could potentially come to be due to the schedule. This season the North faces off against the AFC West and the NFC East. That means that each of those three teams gets to play five games this upcoming season against teams that are drafting in the top ten, with a sixth game against a Washington Redskins team that won just a single game after the Alex Smith injury.

Obviously, these numbers will move in the coming months as money flows in and teams continue to fine tune their rosters through the draft and the free agents who remain available.