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The first 5 search results on YouTube for ‘Seahawks’

In searching for offseason content, YouTube can be a decent source of inspiration. So much so that I’ve decided not to just use the results to branch off to something else, but to just use the results for what they are: results. These are the first five results I get on YouTube when searching “Seahawks.” Try it yourself and see if it’s the same!

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider 2019 NFL Combine Press Conference

Recency bias. A recent video of Schneider talking at the NFL combine that was posted a week ago and has just over 6,000 views. The 16-minute video includes Schneider talking on Rashaad Penny, having a “reset” every year, tough decisions, interviewing prospects, the challenge of only having four draft picks, and much more. Also another shining example of Schneider just being one of the dudes and also in charge of building the roster for a $3 billion franchise.

Cardinals vs. Seahawks Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2018”

Seattle didn’t have to win this game to make the playoffs ... and it showed. They faced the worst team in the NFL, at home, and allowed them to tie it 24-24 with two minutes remaining. Sebastian Janikowski kicked the game-winner after a 37-yard completion to Tyler Lockett from Russell Wilson. Not a great game by the standards of “Are the Seahawks still a great team?” but a win (the most recent one, likely boosting its place in the standings here) and highlights viewed by over 600,000 people.

“Seahawks Tackling”

The somewhat famous Seahawks tackling instructional video, now viewed by 660,000. As it self-describes in all caps: “TAKING THE HEAD OUT OF TACKLING”

Chris Carson 2018-2019 Seahawks Highlights”

I’m not sure if people love running backs so much as they love football plays. Most teams are led in “football plays” by a running back. Carson touched the ball 267 times. Tyler Lockett touched it 70 times. It’s an opportunity game. Of course the quarterback touches the ball more than any other player — another reason he’s the most important — but he depends a lot on the other guys around him. So we might become more attached to running backs because they get to make a lot of football plays and Carson also happens to be a pretty good one. Squint and see if you see Penny.

“The Griffin Brothers | Shaquem & Shaquill Griffin Highlights | Seattle Seahawks (2018-2019)”

As expected, people also love the Griffin brothers. An “individual” season highly anticipated by millions from the moment Seattle selected Shaquem Griffin in the fifth round and these are some of their top moments from 2018. Obviously Shaquill had significantly more opportunities but Shaquem hung around and he’ll have the chance to keep someone else from taking his spot on the 53.


“Raiders Seahawks wild 1983 AFC title game”

The number six result was too unique (and refreshing from the top five) that I had to include it. A 15-minute highlight reel of the Seahawks 1983 AFC title game loss to the Raiders. Not all results are good memories.

Not for Seattle, at least.

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