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Introducing the 2019 Seahawks Draft Board

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The 2019 NFL Draft will be Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s 10th in charge of the Seattle Seahawks. Over their nine seasons in Seattle, they’ve created a clear identity across the roster, and that extends to individual positions.

As a result, we’re able to identify the prospects at each position they’re likely to target in a given draft, using their height, weight and athletic thresholds as a guide. With that in mind, last year I created the Seahawks Draft Board, and it’s exactly that: A draft board made up of all the prospects who meet Seattle’s thresholds at each position.

If you followed along last year—thank you, and welcome back. If you didn’t, here’s a couple things to know: It’s a living document, so it will continue to be updated and added to over the course of the pre-draft process, as pro days come and go—please bookmark it, save it, continue to check back as we head towards the 2019 NFL Draft. Additionally, a prospect’s best testing score is listed, so if a player doesn’t meet the Seahawks’ threshold at the Scouting Combine, that doesn’t mean he can’t later in the process.

By the time the draft arrived last year, the board was made up of over 150 players, and among the 150 was six of eight positional players drafted by Seattle in the 2018 NFL Draft. The goal this year is to be even more accurate and comprehensive.

Added to this year’s board is a section on “Names Connected,” compiled of prospects who are reported to have met with the Seahawks at their pro day or at the VMAC, or connected to the team in another capacity.

There is further information position-by-position in the foreword section of the draft board, and if there are ever any questions, tweet or DM me @byAlistairCorp. You can find the 2019 Seahawks Draft Board right here.