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Seahawks Draft Show: Trading down leads Seattle to the strength of the 2019 Draft

Florida v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

With the 2019 NFL Draft less than four weeks away, Brandan Schulze and Rob Staton will regularly be looking at the draft from the Seahawks perspective over the next few weeks. On this week’s show we’re talking about the tiers of players for the first three rounds and how the strength of the draft favors the Seahawks trading back for more picks in the second and third rounds.

During the NFL owners’ meetings at the end of March, Pete Carroll mentioned that the team looks at pressure percentages when considering pass rush ability. Rob offers up some of the top players entering the draft this year who Seattle could be considering. The player who ranked highest in that statistic was Josh Allen, a player the Seahawks met with at the combine. Allen will likely be long gone by the time Seattle is on the clock.

Considering the Seahawks have met with Allen as well as Michigan defensive lineman Rashan Gary and Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, Rob and Brandan explore a few of the reasons why the Seahawks are meeting with players who are likely to go in the top half of the first round. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that Seattle could be open to trading a player like Frank Clark, but there are more likely options to consider.

Rob points to the fact that so many of the top players from the 2013 draft have come through Seattle in recent years, it could be that John Schneider has discovered they didn’t do enough to scout those top players at the time. Brandan mentions a recent interview with former Seahawks quarterback Jake Heaps and how the team likes to act as if it has a top pick in the event they find themselves with a top 10 pick in the future.