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Kam Chancellor casts doubt on a future in coaching

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Throughout his playing career, it was quite easy to envision Kam Chancellor as a fiery coach in the same mold as current Seahawks DC Ken Norton. Chancellor chose the right moments to speak but was always seen as the leader in Seattle’s secondary, the voice behind one of the greatest units in NFL history.

Last summer, former Seahawks DC Dan Quinn endorsed the idea of Chancellor moving into a coaching position:

I know whatever he will do, I’m hopeful that it involves a leadership role. If that involves coaching someday, which I think he would be excellent at. Whatever it is, my hope is that he has a chance to impact people, because that is one of his most amazing gifts, this connection that he has with others. When you’re in his presence you really feel special.

During the 2018 season, Chancellor stayed close to the team, and both Norton and Pete Carroll praised his presence, and the impact he had on a young secondary. The idea of Chancellor as a coach has been bubbling, and with his time on Seattle’s roster nearing the end, he could officially be added to the staff soon. However, that’s not something Chancellor envisions.

Speaking with Cliff Avril and Richard Sherman on KJR, Chancellor was asked about his interest in coaching and seemed to reject the idea, at least for the time being.

It’s hard to fault any player for not wanting to get into coaching, considering the time that would be needed. Chancellor had an illustrious career and can spend his time how he pleases, as great as it would be to hear a speech from a mic’d up Chancellor the coach on the sideline of a roaring CenturyLink Field.