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Seaside Chats: Brandan Schulze talks Russell Wilson, pending 2020 FA, and the draft

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for another episode of Seaside Chats with Kenneth Arthur, which is still hosted over at Patreon but enjoy a free preview in April thanks to a new sponsor! This episode of the podcast has been sponsored by Joshua Thompson, a resident of the Dominican Republic where he does a ton of great humanitarian work, and who just happens to want one thing out of this sponsorship: for Seahawks fans to come to the Dominican Republic and have a beer with him to talk Hawks! If you want information on how to do that, just let me know.

Best sponsorship of all-time. Thank you, Joshua!

As for the show, Brandan Schulze of the new Field Gulls Podcast joins me to talk about the following topics and much more:

Russell Wilson vs Jacoby Brissett

Trading Russell Wilson to save money and go with a younger, cheaper QB

What the Cardinals could look like with Kyler Murray

How to prioritize the huge 2020 free agents - Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Jarran Reed, and Frank Clark - as deadlines approach

Who would be the best options in the draft as far as position value goes?

Why the Seahawks will probably trade down

Which team got the most better in the NFC West and how do things stack up in the division next year


You can listen to the show on Patreon but you can also get the RSS link from the website. If you support the show at the $2/month and up level you’ll get every episode of the podcast guaranteed. There are also giveaways! Also consider the Seaside Joe daily Seahawks newsletter.

Thanks as always to Free Dive Records for the intro song and post-production.