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Reports: Frank Clark trade rumors heating up again

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s tax day, which also means that it is the contract deadline day for the Seattle Seahawks franchise quarterback Russell Wilson, and just to put an exclamation mark on top of everything, reports have emerged that trade rumors regarding Frank Clark are once again swirling.

That’s a whole lot to wake up to, so to best digest all of this on an early Monday morning, let’s look at it a bite at a time. For starters, the contract deadline for the Seahawks and Wilson’s camp has been public for a couple of weeks, with reports indicating that the Hawks have known about this deadline for several months, since shortly after the end of the 2018 season. The new piece of the deadline report is obviously the part that Kenneth covered Sunday night following Peter King’s report that if the Seahawks and Wilson do not reach a long term agreement today, then Wilson will never, ever negotiate on a long term deal with the Seahawks again.

Those reports were followed later Sunday evening by reporting that rumors regarding a Frank Clark trade have once again been swirling.

Thus, with just a ten days until the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seahawks have multiple big name players they could see dealt, including Clark and Wilson. So, while fans are likely ready for the debate and discussion about the potential trade of star players to end, the next ten days could present an unbearable amount of speculation, rumor and a steady flow of unfounded social media posting with the potential to build to fever pitch in the coming days.

In short, for fans who crave actual concrete news and abhor rampant speculation, the next couple of weeks could be somewhat miserable.