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Seahawks Draft Show: SB Nation NFL Writers’ 2019 Mock Draft, Pick 21

Seattle selects Notre Dame defensive lineman Jerry Tillery.

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Vanderbilt v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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With the Seattle Seahawks only having four picks entering the draft on April 25th, the most likely course will be to see Seattle trade down from the 21st pick overall. However, John Schneider said recently he “could see a very good player being there for us at 21.” With that in mind, Michael STUFR Edwards joins Brandan Schulze on the podcast to reveal who the Seahawks should pick with the 21st overall selection in the draft.

Leading up to the Seahawks pick, we go over the first 20 picks of the SB Nation NFL Writers’ Mock Draft. Michael talks about the potential players who would be a great fit in Seattle that the team would want to stay put for if they fall in the draft, and profile Notre Dame defensive lineman Jerry Tillery as a player he thinks John Schneider would like to go ahead and take in that spot.

Rob Staton, from Seahawks Draft Blog, joins the show in the second segment to offer his thoughts on Tillery and some different directions the team could go in after a scenario where they likely trade down from their current spot. Based on some of the players they’ve brought in to the VMAC for a visit and players they’ve spoken to at the combine, wide receiver and defensive back appear to be a couple of the other likely areas they could choose.