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Report: Jets were interested in Frank Clark, could circle back during the draft

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With Russell Wilson’s extension signed and dealt with, all eyes are now on the Seattle Seahawks and Frank Clark. Clark, whose rookie deal expired following the 2018 season, is currently set to play 2019 under the franchise tag, however he reportedly has no plans to do so. As recently as last week, Clark’s name has come up in trade rumors, and it has become increasingly apparent a trade is something the Seahawks are open to.

On the most recent episode of The Draft Analyst Podcast with Tony Pauline, we learned more specifics about a potential trade for Clark—including a team that was interested, and could be again. Here’s what Pauline had to say:

They’re absolutely going to look to move Clark and trade him. If they don’t move him next week, then they’ll probably try and trade him on draft weekend. I can tell you this: Had he hit the free agent market, the New York Jets very much wanted Frank Clark. Once he was tagged by the Seahawks, a source told me that the Jets tried to pry him free via a trade. The problem is, the Jets weren’t going to give up the third pick of the draft for Clark, you can’t blame them, and all they have left after that is a pair of picks in the third round. So, right now, they don’t have enough ammunition to pry Clark from the Seahawks via trade.

Pauline, who previously reported New York’s desire to trade down in the first round, went on to say the Jets could circle back on Clark:

From what I’m told absolutely (the Jets would circle back if they trade down and acquire more picks). Remember what I said last week on this podcast: I’m hearing that the Jets are not sold on any of the pass rushers at the top of this year’s class, except for Nick Bosa. Now, granted, it would have to be a situation where the Jets trade into the middle part of round one and get multiple second day picks, and I think that they would use those second day picks as ammunition to trade for Clark.

If the draft comes and goes and Clark is still on the roster, a trade becomes far less likely, with Seattle unlikely to deal one of their best players without the chance to replace him for 2019. But, until Clark signs his tag or an extension with Seattle, his name will continue to show up in rumors.