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The 7-Round Mock Draft That I Want To See Happen (updated for current events)

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This week’s draft is different from all of the rest. This isn’t just a look at guys that may be on the radar of the Seattle Seahawks, this is who I think they should go after. I still stick with the type of players the team prefers, but it is what I want them to do.

I have updated with the Frank Clark trade info, which will change the trade out slightly and the first target.

Here is my draft for today:


I really liked this trade concept that I have used the last couple of weeks so I stuck with it. It feels very possible, especially when we start with two 1sts.

- START: 21 (1), 29 (1), 92 (3), 124 (4), 159 (5)

- TRADE: 21 (1) to GB for 30 (1), 75 (3)

- TRADE: 30 (1) to CLE for 49 (2), 80 (3), 155 (5)

= FINISH: 29 (1), 49 (2), 75 (3), 80 (3), 84 (3), 124 (4), 155 (5), 159 (5)


R1P29 DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

R2P17 S/CB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida

R3P11 WR Miles Boykin, Notre Dame

R3P16 LB Germaine Pratt, North Carolina State

R3P20 DE Charles Omenihu, Texas

R4P22 TE Drew Sample, Washington

R5P17 CB Michael Jackson, Miami

R5P21 G Dru Samia, Oklahoma

Pick-by-pick Breakdown

Seahawks at pick 1.29 (from KC) select: DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

Measurements: 6-4 264, 34 1/8” Arms, 10.5” Hands

Testing: 25 bench, 7.26” 3-cone, 4.4” SS, 12.07’ LS

A can’t miss DE to plug in immediately in the spot Frank was in.

Highly productive 4-3 defensive end with prototypical size, length and strength to offer early help against both the run and pass. Playing next to NFL talent in all three years certainly made things easier for Ferrell, but his edge-setting and rush plan improvements are self-made. His rush can be leggy and gradual and might not get home as often in the pros, but NFL coaching might further unleash his physical traits and turn him into a star. Ferrell is a complete defender and steady talent who could start early for a 4-3 stop unit.

Seahawks at pick 2.17 (from Cle) select: S/CB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida

Measurements: 5-11 210, 30 7/8” Arms, 9.25” Hands

Testing: 4.48 40, 17 bench, 36” vert, 117” broad, 7.03” 3-cone, 4.2” SS

This is my draft crush. I would take him at 21, but I think he may still be here at this pick. He played slot CB and single high S both in college and improved and excelled at both. He can come in and be scheme independent moving from FS to SS to slot CB to big nickel as required.

Big, athletic defensive back who requires tape study from 2017 and 2018 assess his optimal usage. Some teams will see him as a big slot defender who can blitz, support the run, handle zone duties or play man on big receivers and matchup tight ends. Others will see him as a Cover-1 high safety with the range and ball-tracking to take it away over the top. Gardner-Johnson is too often a step behind in his reads and reaction allowing completions that could be breakups. His versatility and talent could make him an early starter with a high-ceiling if he can put it all together.

Seahawks pick at 3.11 (from GB): WR Miles Boykin, Notre Dame

Measurements: 6-4 220, 33.5” arms, 9 7/8” hands

Testing: 4.42” 40, 12 bench, 43.5” vert, 140” broad, 6.77” 3-cone, 4.07” SS

First round talent and traits, but questionable hands will push him down.

Lingering on his tape can cause excessive focus on his inconsistencies and areas of improvement, but projecting his traits with additional coaching makes more sense. Boykin’s size, length and athleticism offers exciting potential as an outside receiver with mismatch potential, but he will have to learn how to counter press, improve his routes and become more competitive when the ball is in the air. His size won’t matter if he doesn’t learn to impose it on others. If that happens, he’ll become an eventual starter with a high ceiling.

Seahawks select at 3.16 (from Cle): LB Germaine Pratt, North Carolina State

Measurements: 6-2 240, 31 5/8” arms, 9 1/8” hands

Testing: 4.57” 40, 24 bench, 32.5” vert, 116” broad

A LB that is pure athlete and playmaking, but still learning his position. Play him at either WILL or SAM and let him develop.

Free safety-turned-linebacker with good cover skills who has filled out his frame and checks the size and speed boxes, but Pratt is still in the process of learning to man his position. He plays upright in space and is unorthodox and inconsistent in taking on blocks and finding his run fits. However, he plays with good lateral athleticism and burst and found his way to the football enough to fill out the stat sheet in his lone year as a starter. He will continue to improve with time and could become an eventual starter at either SAM or WILL.

Seahawks select at 3.28 (from KC): DE Charles Omenihu, Texas

Measurements: 6-5 280, 36” arms, 9 3/8” hands

Testing: 4.92” 40, 36.5” vert, 115” broad, 7.48” 3-cone, 4.36” SS

Still developing, but has all the traits to become a solid DE with silly long arms.

Omenihu steps off the bus with a physique that says NFL defensive end, but his skill-set and football acumen are still very raw. He looks like a 5-technique and lines up there, but he simply doesn’t have the grit or anchor needed for that line of work. As a 4-3 end, Omenihu sets a stronger edge and has shown some potential to mix power with get-off as a rusher. His game lacks instincts and consistency, but he’s got the traits and potential to become an eventual starter if he can continue his development.

Seahawks select at 4.22: TE Drew Sample, Washington

Measurements: 6-5 255, 33 3/8” arms, 9 5/8” hands

Testing: 4.71” 40, 33.5” vert, 115” broad, 7.15” 3-cone, 4.13” SS

Super Seahawky type player who meets all of their physical requirements. He is a similar player to Dissly in every way. He will be a force in the run game and a couple of times a game he will be uncovered and make a big play in the pass game.

Sample’s size and lunch-pail demeanor are what NFL teams look for at the point of attack. While he might be typecast as just a blocking tight end, he possess enough speed and ball skills to become a more productive pass catcher than he was at Washington. His size, football character and commitment as a run blocker give him a chance to become a solid combination tight end with TE2 potential.

Seahawks select at 5.17 (from Cle): CB Michael Jackson, Miami

Measurements: 6-1, 210, 32.5” arms, 9.75” hands

Testing: 4.45” 40, 13 Bench, 40.5” vert, 130” broad, 7.12” 3-cone, 4.12” SS

This is the prototype Pete Carroll CB.

Big, strong cornerback with the dimensions to get excited about, but a lack of cover traits could get him beat unless he finds the right scheme fit. Jackson’s length and strength will be appealing for cover-2 teams looking for a banger who can drop and use his size as a deterrent against touch throws. He has some ball skills when he’s in the neighborhood, but may not be in the neighborhood often enough to become an NFL starter. Teams could transition him to a safety spot early in his career.

Seahawks select at 5.21: G Dru Samia, Oklahoma

Measurements: 6-5, 305, 33” arms, 10 1/8” hands

Testing: 5.29” 40, 28 bench, 27.5” vert, 101” broad, 7.89” 3-cone, 4.7” SS

Athletic guard prospect that needs time to develop, but has a chance to be a solid starter.

Vocal leader who has cut his teeth with an Oklahoma offensive line that has dripped with aggression and attitude during his four years as a starter. Samia is a loose-limbed, athletic guard whose foot quickness and second-level agility make him much more attractive as a move guard rather than a base-blocking option. His length and movement skills are a big plus, but issues with core strength and body control at the point of attack must be improved in order to survive against NFL power.