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Twitter reacts to the Seahawks selection of LJ Collier

Kansas v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

To the surprise of absolutely no one on planet earth who has been following the Seattle Seahawks in the nearly years that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have been in charge of the team’s personnel, the Hawks traded down with their first pick in the draft. In doing so they picked up a couple of extra draft picks in the middle rounds, while at the same time setting themselves up with consecutive first round picks at 29 and 30.

When they came on the clock at 29, they took plenty of time, and then took even more time as they continued to negotiate a second trade for extra draft picks. By the time the clock was winding down on pick 30, it became apparent that the team had decided to use one pick on a player and to trade the other pick. The player they selected became defensive end LJ Collier out of TCU, and then they dealt pick 30 to the New York Giants in exchange for a second, a fourth and a fifth.

The moves down leave the team with two picks on Friday and six picks on Saturday, but those are different discussions for a different day. For now, let’s take a look at how Twitter reacted to the Seahawks selection of Collier at 29.

For starters, we’ll hear from Mr. Collier himself.

And now we can get to what pundits had to say about Collier and his selection by the Seahawks.

And now to move on to fan reactions.

And for those fans who still want to learn more about Collier and watch some more highlights before reacting, here’s a highlight reel.

So, it seems like a pick that a lot of pundits like and feel is a good match for the Seahawks, while many fans are upset because the Hawks passed on the opportunity to add weapons to the arsenal for Russell Wilson.

And now it’s on to Day 2.