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Seahawks have four 4th round picks with which to deal

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

They did it with Tyler Lockett. The Seattle Seahawks have shown that, if there is a player they really like, they will move back into or up in Day 2 to take him. Sitting with four 4th round picks in the 2019 draft, Seattle is likely to get aggressive once more.

After all, the strength of this draft is just beginning in round 2. Most drafts have the talent significantly dissipate after the 100th selection. The Seahawks are likely to take a Wide Receiver/Tight End, a Safety and another EDGE rusher today. Yet they currently have just two picks in Rounds 2 and 3.

The Jimmy Johnson trade chart is flawed and outdated. Yet it still serves a purpose as a rough indicator of what it would take for Seattle to gain another Day 2 selection. 4th round pick #114 (from Green Bay) is worth 66 points, 4th round pick #118 (from Green Bay) is worth 58 points, 4th pick #124 is worth 48 points and 4th round pick #132 (from the Giants) is worth 40 points.

The middle third-round picks, Pittsburgh at #83 and Kansas City at #84 are worth 175 and 170 points respectively. Trading three fourth-round picks to get into the mid-to-late 3rd round is an option for Seattle, plus they could also throw in one of their fifths. The fourth-round has been cursed for John Schneider, his best pick being Walter Thurmond way back in 2010 and the rest being a big pile of MEH.

The other option is to get future ammo involved. The Seahawks have 12 picks in the 2020 NFL draft including compensatory selections. According to the Johnson trade chart, future picks are worth one round value less than a current-year selection.

Whatever they end up doing, Seattle needs to find a way to add as many top 100 players as possible.

3 players who I’d like to be Seahawks by the end of the day:

3 players who the Seahawks probably like:

Also keep an eye on weapon safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.