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Field Gulls Podcast: Russell Wilson’s contract deadline is likely just a goal

Duane Brown says the Seahawks offense should pass more, and the defense adds some depth.

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NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the news broke that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has set a deadline of April 15th to complete contract negotiations. But can it really be considered a deadline? If Wilson isn’t planning to sit out offseason workouts or hold out into training camp, then the mid-April date should be considered more of a goal than an actual deadline. Adam Emmert and Brandan Schulze are optimistic about the idea that it is a true deadline and a deal gets done, but will it do anything to stop continued speculation about all the other teams Russ would rather play for?

Left tackle Duane Brown says he would like to see Wilson and the Seahawks throw the ball more in 2019. If the Seahawks wanted a more balanced offense, then they would need to shift back toward the pass after going run heavy in 2018. With so much talk about if it’s better to pass or run, we settle on the simple fact that it’s better to win than to lose. Apart from the final game of the season, the run heavy approach led to more winning than losing.

Doug Baldwin has another surgery set for April, but despite a relatively productive season for a receiver over 30 years old, there is a question about whether Wilson’s favorite target could be back in 2019. We discuss a receiver from the Mike Holmgren coaching era who played into his mid-30s who has a similar type of game. Max Unger has decided to retire, so maybe now is a good time to dig into which team really won the trade between the Seahawks and Saints.

In the “Do Better” segment, the guys discuss the site of the NFL Draft as well as the Alliance of American Football and how many players we can expect to see in the NFL next season. Better at Life honors go to an AAF legend and to our rival Arizona Cardinals for the entertainment value their franchise provides as they are seemingly unable to manage the situation they find themselves in going into the draft.

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