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What happens when an NFL analyst grades their past draft grades?

Seattle Seahawks vs New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Earlier this week we took a look at some of the draft grades that had been handed to the Seattle Seahawks following the 2019 NFL Draft and the team’s selection of eleven players. As we are all well aware in the wake of the grades the Hawks were given in the wake of the 2012 NFL Draft, these grades mean nothing. For the most part they are little more than one person’s opinion on a team and its new additions, but it sure is fun to look back and laugh when the experts are wrong.

In the comments section of the Monday piece, some commenters wondered who was grading the graders, ie who was looking back at their past grades and evaluating how correctly they had evaluated past drafts. Well, Eric Edhold of Yahoo! Sports has done just that, in an amusing post in which he grades his grading of the 2016 NFL Draft.

It’s well worth clicking over and reading the article, as much of it is amusing. While he may have been correct about Dak Prescott in the aftermath of the draft, he was not so correct about the man who is pictured in the story’s cover photo. I’m not going to give away what Edholm has to say about current Seahawk Paxton Lynch, but I will say that it alone is worth reading the entire review of his 2016 draft grades.

As for his thoughts on the 2016 Seattle draft class in the days after that year’s draft, let’s just take a look for ourselves.

Grade we gave then: B+

Funniest line in retrospect: “Trading down and still landing Germain Ifedi … was savvy.”

I should have stayed in school.

Best evaluation in retrospect: I liked Jarran Reed – a lot – and said Joey Hunt was a bad pick. That’s about right.

How we did: I am laughing now about me laughing then that the Seahawks drafted three running backs. None of them really did squat for the Seahawks, and two years later they took Rashaad Penny in Round 1. Score one for the good guys. The Reed pick salvaged this class, as well as my analysis. A C+ would have been too kind, it turns out.

In any case, while we’re on the topic of draft grades, one Twitter user, @RNBWCV, took the time to put together a spreadsheet of every draft grade for every NFL team from 18 different analysts who assigned grades to every draft class for every team. That’s a lot of work, and I don’t envy that task, but now we can all enjoy the fruits of his labors.

The Hawks graded out anywhere from a solid A all the way down to a D+, so that just goes to show the lack of consistency across the board in the grading process. In any case, while they don’t mean anything, the grades are certainly amusing. Particularly amusing is the fact that there are three teams on the chart who received an F grade from an analyst, and at least one other analyst also graded each of these same teams an A.